NEW Mammal Mapper app
The Mammal Society
advocating science led mammal conservation
Call for public to help wildlife conservation

The Mammal Society, the only organisation dedicated to the study and conservation of all mammals in Britain and Ireland, launched its new Mammal Mapper app today. The charity wants members of the public to help record when and where they see mammals. Most wild mammals, including rabbits and iconic species like hedgehogs and mountain hares,... 

British mammals’ fight for survival

Almost one in five of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction, according to the first comprehensive review of their populations for more than 20 years launched today by The Mammal Society and Natural England. The red squirrel, wildcat and the grey long-eared bat are all listed as facing severe threats to their... 

Water voles remain at risk from developers

New research published today by Oxford University’s Wildcru, in collaboration with Natural England, Mammal Society and PTES reveals that water voles remain at risk from developers. The water vole, immortalised as ‘Ratty’ in Kenneth Grahams’ Wind in the Willows was formerly a common sight on waterways throughout mainland Britain. However, catastrophic declines due to predation... 

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