Our training courses are for everyone, from interested individuals, to conservationists and ecological consultants, who want to develop their knowledge, field skills and experience for personal interest or professional development. From species introduction courses, to practical fieldcraft weekends, mammal identification and survey techniques, we focus on ecology & biology, law, technical skills, handling & surveying. We can also arrange bespoke courses for groups. 

For the one day courses, please bring a packed lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.

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Course List:

Beaver Ecology & Conservation

This 2 day course aims to introduce the Eurasian beaver, a native British mammal, whose reintroduction is receiving much attention.  We will look at the basic biology, ecology and behaviours of this unique and fascinating animal which is becoming part of our mammal assemblage in areas of Scotland and Devon. Though beavers may be more challenging to observe directly, their distinctive field signs can offer much information on their habitat use and lifestyles.

Dormice and Development

Learn more about dormice legislation and the issues linked with protecting dormice at development sites.

Dormouse Ecology & Conservation

A course all about the ecology of the hazel dormouse, how to survey for them, with opportunities for handling that contribute towards attaining a dormouse licence.

Mammal Detective Weekend

This weekend provides a unique opportunity to observe and learn about a wide range of British wildlife including red and roe deer, badgers, horseshoe bats, water voles, otters, mink and even beavers.

Mammal Identification Weekend

Two and a half days of field and classroom-based learning covering the ID and methods to record all of the UK's resident terrestrial mammal species.

Nature Photography Workshop, Spring 2015

A one day course of theory and practical photography led by Matt Doggett, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012.

Owl Pellet Analysis

This course will help develop expertise in the identification and recording of small mammals from skeletal fragments found in owl pellets.

Urban Mammals

This one day event is a fascinating introduction to the ecology of urban mammals.

Using Camera Trapping

A one day course combining classroom sessions on setting up camera traps and how to analyse the data obtained with a field trip to set up camera traps for mammal recording.

Water Vole Ecology & Conservation

This informative one day event focuses on one of our most iconic river dwelling mammals, the water vole.

Wild Boar Study Day

Learn about the unusual ecology and behaviour of the species and its re-emergence then join an excursion into the Forest of Dean to search for signs of boar.