Monitor and Record Mammals for Conservation

The Mammal Society has a number of national or regional projects that aim to maximise involvement in mammal monitoring by members and the general public. We also promote projects being run by other organisations to collaborate with wider mammal conservation efforts.
Current projects:

Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE) 

This 18 month project running from September 2013 to March 2015 aims to increase public engagement with mammal recording in the South East, working with local groups to collect data for the production of a South East Mammal Atlas.

National Mammal Atlas Project (NMAP)

Submit records of sightings, tracks, signs or sounds to help fully update UK mammal distribution for the first time since 1991. Records from 2000 are being collated from sources including record centres and ad hoc records which you submit online through NMAP.

Current Projects Hub - Take part in projects across the country

Get involved with mammal conservation and research projects across the country, run by various groups and organisations, which need the help of volunteers. Search the current projects hub to see what's being done and how you can help!


Closed Projects:

MaMoNet Wales - (Mammal Monitoring Network in Wales)

This projects aims to establish a network of active mammal recorders and monitoring in Wales, to help identify any population changes, especially among two species in particular - hedgehogs and harvest mice.