Press Releases

We issue press releases to raise awareness of the issues facing mammals and the importance of mammals in the environment.


For more information on our scientific positions on issues affecting mammals, please see our Position Statements.


Beaver Announcement from Natural England welcomed by The Mammal Society
[January 2015] 5 year license is granted to Devon Wildlife Trust from Natural England to monitor beavers on the River Otter


Adenovirus Threat to British Red Squirrels
[September 2014] Research published in Mammal Review reveals adenovirus as a growing threat to the conservation of declining native red squirrels.


Bring back the beaver and save millions on flood defence
[January 2014] The Mammal Society urges the government to consider a bold and cost-effective wildlife solution as part of its overall flood defence response.

Standing up for Pine martens

[September 2013] The Mammal Society rallies to the defence of pine martens as the Scottish Gamekeeper's Association calls for their removal to protect the ailing capercaillie.

Magic Moments with Misunderstood Mammals

[February 2013] The results of the first Mammal Photographer of the Year competition challenges public misconceptions.

Shooting bagders is no magic bullet for controlling Bovine TB

[December 2011] Our response to the announcement from Defra on proposals to cull badgers in England.

Weasel words not enough to save Europe's neglected carnivores
[November 2011] The Mammal Society hosts scientists from across Europe to discuss mustelid research.