Our Position Statements

As part of our role to advocate sustainable policy development that supports mammal conservation, we issue clear statements that describe our position on some of the issues mammals face or on announcements of new or changing regional or national policy that affects mammals and efforts to conserve them. Drawing upon members' expertise, we use science-led evidence to advise on issues including culling, re-introductions, disease, non-native species and human conflicts.

We also campaign directly to decision makers as part of the Wildlife & Countryside LINK partnership.


Statements Concerning Badgers, Bovine Tuberculosis and Culling

Response to Defra’s consultation on relaxing the rules for badger culling (Sep 2015)

Badgers and Bovine Tuberculosis - Our Position

8th June 2015

Picture by Alex berry


Statements Concerning Re-introductions

Position on proposal to introduce red squirrels to the Isle of Man (Apr 2016)

Beaver Reintroduction Position (2015)

Re-establishment of Wild Boar in Britain March 2015

Pine martens and Capercaillie in Scotland (July 2013) 

October 2013 PRESS RELEASE: Responding to the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association's call to remove and relocate pine martens: The Mammal Society rallies to the defence of pine martens