Meet the Team

The Mammal Society has a small administrative team based in Southampton to co-ordinate our activities, while the work being done for mammals is led by our network of over 2000 members. Committees are also formed which provide a basis of expertise for different areas of our work. From enthusiasts to consultants, conservationists to researchers, students and professors, together we utilise a combination of knowledge, passion and expertise to develop and share information that supports mammal conservation.

Trustees on Council


Trustees on Council

Paul Chanin, President
A member of the Society since 1966 when still at school, Paul has regularly attended conferences since the 70s and was vice Chair 2000 –2010. His PhD on feral mink led to an interest in otters, and since the millennium has worked as an ecological consultant specialising in mammals, mainly dormice, badgers and otters. Before this he was initially a lecturer in the Department of Adult Education at Exeter University.

Johnny Birks, Chairman
Johnny, an ecological consultant, became fascinated by mammals at an early age, developing a life-long passion for mustelids. Johnny joined The Society in 1977, and cherishes its strong scientific roots and healthy mix of members. He is keen to engage more people in worthwhile studies of British mammals.

Adam Grogan, Vice Chair
Adam works as a policy advisor for wildlife casualties and rehabilitation at the RSPCA, and was previously an assistant researcher at WIldCRU, reviewing methods for monitoring rabbit populations, and surveying and radio-tracking badgers, polecats, mink and water voles. Adam became Vice-Chair of The Society in 2011.

Fiona Mathews, Vice Chair
Kate Hills, Honorary Secretary
Derek Crawley, Local Groups and Atlas Officer on Council
Catherine O'Reilly, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
Grahame Madge, Media and Marketing Officer on Council
Simon Boulter, Publications Officer on Council
John Gurnell, Editor in Chief, Mammal Communications





Kim Deere, Membership and Finance 

Jackie Wells, Training Officer


No interns at present.




Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
The SAC provide the relevant expertise to discuss and assess scientific issues surrounding mammal research and conservation. They form a consensus on how The Mammal Society can incorporate high scientific standards in its work and produce our scientific position statements on issues surrounding mammals. The committee consists of a core team, but will draw from the expertise among our membership to consult on particular issues:

Chair - Dr Fiona Mathews, Senior Lecturer in Mammalian Biology, Exeter University
Dr Phil BakerLecturer, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading
Dr Liz Chadwick, Lecturer, Cardiff School of Biosciences, University of Cardiff
Adam Grogan, Senior Scientific Officer, RSPCA
Catherine O'Reilly, Waterford Insitute of Technology
Dr Kirsty Park, University of Stirling
Dr Suguto Roy, Invasive Vertebrate Ecologist, FERA
Professor Richard Shore, Head of Site, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Graham Smith, Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA)
Roger Trout, Ecological Consultant, previously at Forest Research