Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE)


This exciting project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, aimed to increase public involvement in discovering and monitoring mammals in the six South East counties of Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent and the Isle of Wight, to create an online South East Mammal Atlas by early 2015. The project is now complete and the results listed below.


Online South East Mammal Atlas is now available!
An 18 month project, the Mammal Watch South East (MaWSE) has been working hard to get people involved in mammal recording through the Mammal Tracker app, the Camera Trapping Loan Scheme, website learning resources and surveys. All mammal records have been collated through these methods, as well as gathering data from other organisations, to create the final product of the project: the online South East Mammal Atlas. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed data and sent in their mammal records and we hope you enjoy the atlas. Simply follow the links to download the relevant section.

Take part in a SURVEY: We need you to help us survey for hedgehogs and harvest mice
Download MAMMAL TRACKER our free app to identify and submit records of mammals
Loan a CAMERA TRAP through our loan scheme and discover the mammals near you. This project is coming to an end and cameras will be available throughout the country
Use our WEBSITE RESOURCES to learn more about mammals and how to identify them

Check out our videos on the MaWSE YouTube Channel!

Your stories!

You tell us your mammal encounters in this section.
Hedgehogs, Chris Matcham
Analysing biodiversity through camera traps, Ewan Bishop

Nest of baby hedgehogs in my garden, Nicky Torbett
Tracking the little creatures of Wareham, Georgina Head
The beavers of Scotland, Sam Hempenstall

Take a look at the camera trap videos we've been receiving through our loan scheme on our

Mammal Watch South East YouTube channel

Website resources:

Visit the other areas of the MaWSE project site, including:

Discover species

Learn all about mammals, including how to identify them through direct sightings and field signs and even some of their sounds to listen to.


Recording Mammals

Find out about the work MaWSE is doing to map mammals and take a look at our live record table for the South East!


Mammal Surveys

Get involved in our survey effort that has been developed in collaboration with the experts and take part in the hedgehog or harvest mouse survey.


Download our free Mammal Tracker app!

Available nationally, you can download our app to identify and submit records of mammals from the Google Play store for Android and the itunes store for iPhones

(The app works on iOS version 6 or later for iphone and version 4.0.3 or later for android OS phones. It is not available on Windows phones).

Mammal Tracker will help you identify which mammal species you have seen with photos, descriptions, sounds and annotated images of those that are often easily confused, as well as making it easy to submit the record to us. We ask that you try to get photos where possible as this helps with verifying the record but you can still submit records without photos.                                                  



You can also visit the Mammal Tracker app's own website at  to see all records and find out if you are on the leaderboard for the number of mammal species you have recorded!