Submit records to the CATlas

The Mammal Society is working to develop an atlas of domestic and feral cats - a CATlas - across the United Kindgom  with an aim to produce more recent estimates of distribution, and potentially abundance. Cats are predators of birds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and this atlas is designed to help better estimate and mitigate against their potential impacts.

The previous estimates of cat numbers and their impact on wildlife were made in our study "What the cat dragged in" from 2000.

To do this, we are asking cat owners to send us records of domestic and feral cats on our quick and simple online form.

Submit records of your cats here


It includes questions about what you feed them, if and when they are allowed out, and whether they bring in prey items. It is only necessary to determine which kind of animal your cat has brought in, i.e. mammal, bird, reptile etc. To leave a species specific record of cat kills, and for ongoing cat-kill records, please use our online form via the National Mammal Atlas Project.


See records submitted so far below. Blue indicates low predation rates (monthly or less), red high predation rates (weekly or more). The more records for each square there are, the more opaque the 10km square becomes.